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There are over 905 locations operating or coming soon throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Qatar.
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The Best Dipped Fruit Period
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Delicious chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered apples, chocolate covered pineapples, chocolate truffles with fruit and other chocolate covered fruits from Dippedfruit.com by Edible Arrangements are a tasty and unique gift option for everyone you love. The delicious fruit gift baskets inspired by fruit bouquets, or boxes of decadent chocolate dipped fruit are a treat for everyone on your gift list. They make sweet gifts for all occasions from birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or Father's Day gifts, to a wedding, company event or even a kid's party! For Thank you gifts or Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother's Day Gifts by Edible Arrangements, these chocolate covered fruit gifts say it all. Our chocolate dipped fruit creations allow you to combine gourmet food with a unique gift, all in one delivery. Dippedfruit.com by Edible Arrangements delights in providing incredible chocolate dipped fruit that tastes as delicious as it looks. Choose from our wide variety of chocolate covered fruit for the perfect edible gift baskets or boxes of chocolate covered fruit, shipped fresh to you so you can enjoy the Best Dipped Fruit, Period.